Dingbat.app is a fully functioning web app written using Laravel and Livewire. At the moment it has the following functionality:

  • User signup/registration
  • Custom workout logs
  • Create workout plans:
    • Custom number of weeks
    • Custom number of days per week
    • Custom number of workouts/cardio per week
    • Custom number of exercises per workout
    • Add the following to exercises:
      • Time Under Tension (Tempo)
      • Rest Between Sets
      • % of One Rep Max (ie 65% 1RM)
      • As Many Reps As Possible
      • Sets/Reps
  • Follow pre-programmed workout plans including:
    • nSuns 4,5,6 days splits
    • Wendler 5,3,1
    • Metallicadpa PPL split (6 workouts per week)
    • Strong Curves
  • Follow multiple plans simultaneously using Plan Chooser
  • Specify custom start dates for all plans
  • Start plans on any day of the week
  • Modify per week settings of existing plans (change workout days)
  • See per plan statistics
  • See per week statistics
  • See per exercise statistics
  • Create goals for all types:
    • Skin fold
    • Body measurements
    • Strength and repetitions (for any exercise type)
  • Calculate Parillo, Durnin and Jackson Pollock skin fold tests
  • Measure and track body fat percentage, weight, skin folds and measurements

Wendler 5-3-1, nSuns and PHUL on dingbat.app

I’ve upgraded dingbat.app to support the following:

  • One Rep Max
  • Time Under Tension
  • Rest Per Set

Due to these upgrades it can now support Wendler, nSuns and PHUL workout splits…

I’ve upgraded the wizard to support these upgrades.

You can see the workout volume for a full month on PHUL (using 100kg per exercise):

As before the dashboard automatically calculates the weight per set if One Rep Max is configured. Simply click on the exercise and it will take you to the add sets page with the values preconfigured:

Track your workouts, follow workout plans at Dingbat.app

https://dingbat.app has really exploded in functionality and size. I have spent quite a bit of time adding features that I always wanted in a workout app.

The feature list so far:

  • Daily dashboard showing muscles targeted by the workout
  • Follow workout plans
  • View workout history
  • Automatic 1RM calculation and record keeping
  • Rich graphs and per exercise history showing volume and 1RM
  • Record and track a large list of measurements (weight, body fat, dimensions)
  • See weekly compliance vs workout plan
  • See weekly volume
  • See per set and per sub-workout performance
  • See weekly volume, reps

The website is responsive so it works with all screen sizes.

I will be announcing a MAJOR update soon so stay tuned.

BTW dingbat.app is designed to help you with your workout compliance and strength progression. It is and will always be free.

Laravel Jetstream Workouts App

I recently joined a large bodybuilding challenge program. The plans they provide only work in Google Sheets and have very bad UI/UX.

I wrote a CSV scraper and loaded the data from the sheets into a MySQL database with the following tables/relations:

I then used Laravel Jetstream with Livewire to create a quick and basic web app that displays the workouts that are part of the plan for that day.

Not all of the features have been implemented yet. But in a few days I was able to get the web app running and at least have it usable.

It currently has the following features:

  • Change timezone
  • Select plan and select start date
  • Displays current workout on dashboard
  • Select substitute exercises