FreeBSD GNS3 2.0.3 continued

So I had previously used NAT to do all the port forwarding to access the GNS3 VM server as my VirtualBox host only adapter wasn’t working!
So I rebuilt the whole program from scratch after updating the ports tree:
# portsnap fetch update
I unloaded the kernel modules first: kldunload vboxdrv.ko vboxnetflt.ko vboxnetadp.ko
Then build the kernel modules then VirtualBox:
# cd  /usr/ports/emulatorsvirtualbox-ose-kmod/ && make config-recursive && make install clean
# /usr/ports/emulatorsvirtualbox-ose/ && make config-recursive && make install clean
The make config-recursive configures all packages so you don’t have to keep checking in on the build to configure each packages. You can also use “batch” mode to use the default config.
Anyway after it reinstalled i reloaded the kernel modules and the internet interfaces worked!
“dynamips” will not run of FreeBSD due to the JIT compiler. These causes a memory access error “Bus Error”. I have lodged a bug report and will try to get in running under Linux-compat until someone fixes it. It is unusable with the -j flag (too slow). Bug report is here:

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