Exam prep

So I have to really get into gear and focus on my review as I sit my exam mid-December. I have been following Appendix F in the CCNA ICND2 book. It is a handy excel spreadsheet with review topics for each chapter.
Screenshot from 2017-10-29 10-45-38.png
I have also been taking the Pearson Practice tests. Hopefully I can review all the material and learn enough to pass the exam. There are a lot of words and concepts to learn that cover a large range of topics.
The problem is I feel like once I have read a new section I have forgotten all the concepts from the previous section! Hopefully doing the labs will help cement some of this stuff in my head.
I used the Packet Tracer app to build a small lab with all of the subjects covered in part one:
1.) VTP
2.) Ether-channel
3.) STP
4.) AAA Radius
5.) Access and trunk ports
6.) BPDU guard and port fast
Screenshot from 2017-10-29 10-51-06.png

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