Ubuntu Server 17.10, hashtree 0.9 and labs (of course)

So I have finally got my old 2U M2 Xeon IBM x3650 server running – the hard drives arrived on Saturday. So far I have spent about $280 on this old box and was eager to see it serve it’s purpose – running GNS3 Server.
I downloaded the latest Ubuntu release because everything is pretty painless with Ubuntu and I don’t want to learn about Linux I just want it to run my Unicorn app (GNS3 – won’t run on FreeBSD).
The specs are not too bad on my server – 16GB ram, Dual Core Xeon. I was able to run 24 OpenBSD Qemu router images at once without a problem so I should be able to run some really big labs. The extra bonus is everything runs remotely so I don’t have to worry about syncing data across multiple devices and if I get weary I can always run GNS3 on my laptop and rest.
I am nearly at completion level with my program hashtree, there are a few more features to add before I move it over to object storage rather than pushing files over an SSH tunnel. I was thinking about writing a server side of the program to handle a few extra checks but why re-invent the wheel?
I am not too excited about adding AWS S3 support – but it maybe helpful to others and it will make the setup process for new users painless.
Screenshot from 2017-11-11 22-26-56.png
Screenshot from 2017-11-11 22-27-03.png

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