Data De-duplication, file diff-ing and S3 style object storage using Digital Ocean Spaces

I have finally added Amazon S3 storage support to my program (SCRIPT??) hashtree.
After messing around with broken Perl libraries I finally broke down and wrote two Python scripts that upload files to my specified bucket and have the access keys hard coded into the source code.
The result is I now have data de-duplication, remote backups, (potential versioning – if I can be bothered to add it) and reduplication across all my workstations.
I was using Amazon S3 but they are too expensive. I have a FreeBSD droplet with Digital Ocean and chose to use their “Spaces” which has S3 compatible API.
I get 250GB of storage a month for $5. That’s a good deal.
Feel free to use my program. It’s BSD licensed and available here:
Also if some one could get the S3 stuff working in Perl that would be great!
Screenshot from 2017-12-08 17-08-00Screenshot from 2017-12-08 17-08-26Screenshot from 2017-12-08 17-45-09Screenshot from 2017-12-08 17-46-08

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