Why won't you bloody… Oh wait heeeelllloo Python.

So I am having an existential crisis. I like Perl because …. SIGILS $@& and DEREFERENCING \@ \& \$ or $$. Why because it makes me look smart!
No not really but I have been a bit condescending towards Python for no other better reason than I learned about Perl first. But after struggling for a week OFF and ON to get S3 working with my program (SCRIPT?) hashtree I finally gave UP and ran a quick Python script that worked in 5 seconds flat….
So do I learn python now or what?
I want to keep growing my program and make it more useful but:
Net::Amazon::S3 – doesn’t work
PAWS::S3 – doesn’t work
Amazon::S3 – doesn’t work
So I did the most ugly thing possible. Wrote two python scripts and got Perl to run the Python scripts.
So now I have S3 compatibility if you need it or want it.
But don’t use Amazon. Use Digital Ocean. They are much cheaper and my scripts will work there as well. Only $5 bucks a month and you get $250 GB.
The speed is much better than boot-strapping on top of SSH. I hope to add file encryption soon.
I am considering writing it in Python and using Qt as a nice GUI.
Screenshot from 2017-12-08 17-08-00
Screenshot from 2017-12-08 17-08-26
Source code is here (s3hashtree):

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