5.3.b Configure and verify DHCP on a router (excluding static reservations)

Now for the relay config. Leave the IOU2 router in place and use “no” commands to remove the DHCP pool and the DHCP exclusion commands.
Build a workspace like this:
5.3.b workspace.png
Then add another router and configure RIP on both routers to share routes (so VPCS and IOU2 can access the remote DHCP server (IOU3)).
On IOU3 configure the dhcp pool.
On IOU2 configure the dhcp relay on the ethernet subinterface.
5.3.b iou1 config
After running “ip dhcp” on the VPCs you should be able to see the dhcp bindings on IOU3:
5.2.b dhcp binding.png
Download lab here.Download lab here.

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