5.3c/d Configure and verify DHCP on a router (excluding static reservations)

Ok so I searched through the CCNA Routing and Switching Official Cert Guide by Wendell Odom and it doesn’t mention how to configure the TFTP option with DHCP on Cisco Routers!
So here we go:
Go to config terminal mode and enter ip dhcp config:
# ip dhcp pool REMOTE_LAN
Then type:
IOU3(dhcp-config)#option 150 ip (IP address of TFTP server)
Option 150 is the TFTP server option. See this link.
5.3.c tftp option 150
Other question is Section 5.3.d:
Ok the previous one is easy 5.3.c to configure DHCP client mode or DHCP address assignment on an interface type (in interface configuration mode):
IOU3(config-if)#ip address dhcp

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