6.1 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot port security

Please note this article is deprecated. I have re-written it here with an improved lab.
According the the exam topics the following need to be learned:
6.1 Configure, verify, and troubleshoot port security
6.1.a Static
6.1.b Dynamic
6.1.c Sticky
6.1.d Max MAC addresses
6.1.e Violation actions
6.1.f Err-disable recovery
6.1 lab
I begin with a simple lab to add more than one PC per switch port.
6.1 wiring
Here is an extract from the book summarizing the various port-security options:
port security types
Here is the config for the network:
6.1 swconfig
Here is the resultant mac-address table and security violations:
As you can see the port e0/2 was configured with shutdown as the port-security violation option. As a result the port is shutdown:
6.1 violations6.1 port states
6.1.f: to recover an err.disabled port you need to go into interface configure mode in global configuration mode and “shutdown” and “no shutdown” the port.
Full lab here.

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