I give up for now.. :(

I have been trying to get this damn Nuklear graphics library to compile and run on Android but it I am getting no where with it. I have for the short term given up. I have raised to seperate issues on Github, hopefully someone will be able to figure out the problem.
It all is very much magic sauce and blue smoke and invloves a lot of C code. That leaves me clueless how to fix it. I will leave that to the C ninjas for now.
I currently have a working gui for Linux/FreeBSD and besides being buggy it does the trick:
To print out the status messages I pass around a msgbuf pointer (*msgbuf) and the various go routines change the message buffer when they complete a task. This means I have concurrent downloads going on in the background.
I created a console window and use the *consolebuf to access it, I use this for error messages. The gui app can currently pull, push and list snapshots.
It is so frustrating that I can’t get the android stuff working as this was the main purpose for using Nuklear! Other wise I would have used GTK to QT….
Any way it was good to learn some C code by osmosis and learn about *[]byte pointers in Go.

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