DNS Adblocking solicits anger and ban hammer threats from Google

I was so concerned about the Cambridge Analyitica leaks and Google and Facebook’s continuing creepyness so I took action.
I configured a private DNS server to poison 122,000 domains that contain ads, malware and tracking. I then wrote an Android app to use it (modified Star DNS changer by Hololo).

I then tried to publish it on Google Play Store so my family/friends could use it.
I got this pleasant email:

Hmm. Ok.
Here is an example day of my phone spying on me (my DNS is open so may contain random traffic – it roughly correlates):

I don’t even have a Facebook account!
To be honest I don’t mind ads. It’s the data collection and tracking that upsets me.
If you want the app here is a link.
Please don’t abuse it. The infrastructure cost me money to run.

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