C programming, quadrotors and Arduino

It’s been a while since I blogged, I’ve been busy messing around with FPV quadrotors, Arduinos and C programming.
I have nearly finished “Understanding and Using C Pointers”, I just need to finish the examples in Chapter 8. I had fun messing around with Arduino boards building a 4WD robot with sonar and IR control.
The is simple things are simple, but simple things are also incredibly complicated. I tried to add a 6 DOF gyro board to detect movement and help the 4WD drive straight.
However the readings fluctuate so much that it is necessary to implement a Kalman filter to make sense of the readings. At the moment I don’t have enough time to take on something so complicated. However I would like to in the future as I plan to mess around with the Betaflight software on the Eachine X220 quadrotor.

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