IOT Device #1/100 (ESP8266 Mailbox notifier)

I want to make 100 useful IOT projects. This is the first one.
I was inspired by Mick Make’s IOT mailbox project but it was a bit too complicated for my liking with a MQTT message broker required. My project consists of:

  1. Wemos ESP8266 mini
  2. External antenna
  3. Cables
  4. Plastic box
  5. Power supply (18650 battery powered)
  6. Line follow sensor (simple light sensor)

I created the project is a few hours. The largest time consumer was troubleshooting WiFi connectivity. The free IFTTT service is fantastic but it is very slow. Up to 30 mins to get a notification.
The largest limitation is the notifications continue as it does not track state.
Source code is here.Source code is here.

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