A few updates

I have my exam booked for November 27 – wish me luck! In the meantime I have effectively banned myself for any of my hobbies.
I have a draw full of micro-controllers, sensors and LCD screens – but hands are off until the exam is over! Plus I have a brand new 3D printer sitting on my desk staring at me!
Gee wiz. Any how after I take this exam I will be moving on. I will not attempt the R&S exam again. I will move onto the Wireless exam. I currently do not need the Cisco qualifications and continuously going over the same content doesn’t make much sense when I could be learning something new.
Hopefully with the help from AnkiWeb/AnkiDroid I will be able to pass the exam this time around. AnkiDroid is the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion. It is incredibly patient and allows you to learn at your own pace. Plus you do really remember things with it!
I used AnkiDroid to learn C programming quite effectively. It allowed me to just write code as I had memorized the keywords, syntax and structure of the language. I am now using it to memorize IPv4 subnetting, IPv6 address types and CCNA exam topics.
Here are some of my decks:

I also study these great decks:


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