Kotlin based Content Management System and other web apps

I have been spending the last couple of weeks programming a new Content Management System for my website in Kotlin.
Why? What was wrong with the old site?

  1. it used jQuery and was slow loading pages
  2. it was not responsive

I also wanted to learn about REST, Kotlin DSLs and databases.
The new version now has authentication, sessions and only uses JavaScript for loading Feather Icons or on the pages that contain web apps.
Screenshot from 2019-10-06 22-06-13
Due to the fact it doesn’t use JavaScript on the web pages it will be more friendly with search engines and will help to drive traffic to my website.
I am currently porting the old web apps I had on the old website. I have currently only moved Channel Grapher and the DNS Statistics App.
I plan to keep developing this platform and build more websites using it. I currently do not see it as a competitor to any other CMS but mainly as a way for me to learn more about web technologies.
It also allows me to host Kettlebell lifting competitions with my brother!

You can get the source code for the Kettlebell competition app here.
The work-in-progress CMS code is here.

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