LoraWan Weather Station and Soil Moisture Sensor

I recently converted my old ESP8266 WiFi based Weather Station to an ESP32 based LoRaWan system.

ESP32 was not the best choice as it has a very powerful processor that is mainly left unused as well as BLE and WiFi. But it was all I had in my box of micro-controllers at that time.

There has been a dramatic drop in power consumption and I am no longer plagued with dead battery issues during low sunlight periods. We have a long period of overcast conditions due in Emerald soon and this will test how well the system is working.

I am currently building a soil moisture sensor using LoRaWan and a Atmega328p. I hope to build a low cost alternative to the commercial LoRaWan sensors ($350 USD+) and use them in my garden to help cut down on water usage.

We are currently on water restrictions in my town and it would be nice to have a great garden while using the least amount of water.

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