I got my CCNA certification a few years ago and it expires shortly. So I have decided to go for CCNP DEVCOR certifcation as it aligns with what I am interested in.

I will put my study notes up on this blog and I will be building a GitHub repository with cheats/notes for the course.

Here is my study plan:

  1. Follow CCNA DEVCOR core study materials
  2. Learn Python 3 programming
  3. Study programming design patters (OOP)
  4. Learn Git basics

I will generate the following content:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Anki flash cards
  3. Sample/example code
  4. Cheat sheets

I will be doing this part time so check in every now and then. I will just say that there is heaps of better content out there. I am just doing this to help learn the concepts.

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