Track your workouts, follow workout plans at has really exploded in functionality and size. I have spent quite a bit of time adding features that I always wanted in a workout app.

The feature list so far:

  • Daily dashboard showing muscles targeted by the workout
  • Follow workout plans
  • View workout history
  • Automatic 1RM calculation and record keeping
  • Rich graphs and per exercise history showing volume and 1RM
  • Record and track a large list of measurements (weight, body fat, dimensions)
  • See weekly compliance vs workout plan
  • See weekly volume
  • See per set and per sub-workout performance
  • See weekly volume, reps

The website is responsive so it works with all screen sizes.

I will be announcing a MAJOR update soon so stay tuned.

BTW is designed to help you with your workout compliance and strength progression. It is and will always be free.

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