Dingbat.app is a fully functioning web app written using Laravel and Livewire. At the moment it has the following functionality:

  • User signup/registration
  • Custom workout logs
  • Create workout plans:
    • Custom number of weeks
    • Custom number of days per week
    • Custom number of workouts/cardio per week
    • Custom number of exercises per workout
    • Add the following to exercises:
      • Time Under Tension (Tempo)
      • Rest Between Sets
      • % of One Rep Max (ie 65% 1RM)
      • As Many Reps As Possible
      • Sets/Reps
  • Follow pre-programmed workout plans including:
    • nSuns 4,5,6 days splits
    • Wendler 5,3,1
    • Metallicadpa PPL split (6 workouts per week)
    • Strong Curves
  • Follow multiple plans simultaneously using Plan Chooser
  • Specify custom start dates for all plans
  • Start plans on any day of the week
  • Modify per week settings of existing plans (change workout days)
  • See per plan statistics
  • See per week statistics
  • See per exercise statistics
  • Create goals for all types:
    • Skin fold
    • Body measurements
    • Strength and repetitions (for any exercise type)
  • Calculate Parillo, Durnin and Jackson Pollock skin fold tests
  • Measure and track body fat percentage, weight, skin folds and measurements

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