80’s inspired design

Continuing on with my fascination with the 80s aesthetic and especially the colors used in Synthwave – I rewrote my landing page using a Outrun theme I found on CodePen.

Check it out.

I wrote the menu in plain JavaScript using DOM selectors to change CSS classes to apply visibility attributes.

It is rather clunky and has no transitions on the menus. I need to find a way to lazy load the images to stop a delay when using the image carousel.

I hacked this together in a few hours.

Solar Powered LoRaWAN Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor

I have finally finished configuring my soil moiture sensor and worked out the kinks with power consumption.

It currently works by using a 2N2222 transistor to turn on the sensor for a few moments to get a measurement and then turning it off again to conserve battery.

I wrote a quick #ifdef to allow me to configure the sensor by placing it in water saturated soil or leaving it in the air.

It uses OBP activation on LoRaWAN and transmits every 15 minutes. I had to modify the LMIC library to support the 915Mhz Australian frequencies.

The source code is on my GitHub.

View the live data from the soil bot here.


I got inspired by a music video by one of my favorite rappers Riff Raff.

I decided to create the themes from the music video by just using SVG and CSS.

It was actually pretty straight forward and a good introduction to web design for me.

I used a custom SVG to create the background with a gradient. I then used a CSS grid for the header.

I created the message boxes using flex boxes. I then added an audio loop of the song.

I think I did the original music video justice. I really like the colors and themes in the music video and I think I will use them else where on my own website.

LoraWan Weather Station and Soil Moisture Sensor

I recently converted my old ESP8266 WiFi based Weather Station to an ESP32 based LoRaWan system.

ESP32 was not the best choice as it has a very powerful processor that is mainly left unused as well as BLE and WiFi. But it was all I had in my box of micro-controllers at that time.

There has been a dramatic drop in power consumption and I am no longer plagued with dead battery issues during low sunlight periods. We have a long period of overcast conditions due in Emerald soon and this will test how well the system is working.

I am currently building a soil moisture sensor using LoRaWan and a Atmega328p. I hope to build a low cost alternative to the commercial LoRaWan sensors ($350 USD+) and use them in my garden to help cut down on water usage.

We are currently on water restrictions in my town and it would be nice to have a great garden while using the least amount of water.